When you need a dog training subject matter expert for your seminar, conference or event, Tecla Walton has the knowledge and experience to make a lasting impact and impart unique insight and knowledge to your audience.

Trainer Tecla Walton is available as a speaker/coach for the following seminar topics:

Competitive Obedience – Trainer Tecla Walton brings 10 years of competitive obedience experience to the table. She and her dogs hold multiple high in trial, high in tracking, and high in obedience honors and many of her clients have been equally successful. Having worked with Michael Ellis, Bart Bellon, Tom Rose, and T Floyd she brings a wide array of knowledge and training styles together which has been successful in helping many handler/dog teams.

Utilizing Play – This seminar focuses on developing a strong play relationship between handler and dog. Tecla teaches handlers how to build and then utilize play drive in their dogs. Play drive can then be used in competitive work, pet obedience, and behavioral modification.

Dog Tricks: Kids and Their Dogs – This seminar serves as a fun learning experience for children and their dogs. Children at taught in easy to understand ways how dogs learn. They are then shown how to teach their dogs tricks which will help deepen the bond between child and dog.

Schutzhund Protection – This seminar focuses on the protection phase in Schutzhund. Proper grip development, running of the blinds, and the transports are all areas where Tecla can help you and your dog improve your protection performance. Emphasis is placed on building the handler/dog bond in the protection phase.

Tracking – This seminar covers starting your dog in tracking as well as troubleshooting for advanced dogs.

Behavioral Modification – This seminar welcomes all owners and dogs that are dealing with a behavioral issue or aggression. Everyone will walk away with a deeper understanding of the canine mind and with tools to help them overcome the issues they are facing.

CGC Seminar – A seminar that focuses on helping owners and their dogs prepare and practice for the Canine Good Citizen test. The culmination of the seminar is the test being given for anyone that feels ready to take it!

If you are interested in having Tecla as a speaker/coach for a seminar, please call our office at (410) 461-DOGS or email us for more information.