Tecla’s K-9 Academy’s Evening With The Expert

Is Rex jumping on friends that visit or Fifi not coming when called? Do you have questions you need answered about your dogʼs behavior? Are you considering taking an obedience class with your dog? Are you concerned about whether or not your dog is ready for an obedience class? If you have these or other important questions our Evening With The Expert is the perfect answer!

What is Evening With The Expert?

Evening With the Expert is a 90 minute mini-seminar that takes place on Wednesday nights from 8-9:30pm where head trainer Tecla Walton will observe, evaluate, and answer your questions about your dog.

What Can I Expect From Evening With the Expert?

During this session Tecla will listen to your question, evaluate your dog, get you started on a program that will help you with your dog, and make suggestions about a more in-depth program for your and your dog.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are interested in our Evening With The Expert simply send us an email or call our office at (410) 461-DOGS (3647)  to schedule your attendance.