Our facility was built for the needs, comfort and safety of our canine clientele. The layout is optimally set up for the needs of our puppy and doggy daycare, and to enable us to conduct training classes indoors.

Our climate controlled facility is arranged into three main rooms: one for puppy daycare, one for doggy daycare, and a nap room. Puppies need to play with other puppies, thus the need for two separate spaces for younger and older dogs. This ensures that your dog gets the most rewarding daycare experience possible, building self-esteem by socializing with other dogs that see the world from their vantage point. The nap room is set up away from the other rooms to give dogs the perfect place to take a break and chill out when they need it.

The matting inside our facility is the best quality available. The mats are made of recycled rubber, which is triple sealed, prohibiting bacteria and virus from getting embedded within it and making disinfecting them easy. Since the mats consist of recycled rubber, we feel good knowing we’re doing a small part to reduce old rubber going to landfills and reducing the amount of air pollution burning rubber creates.

We have taken every measure possible at our facility to provide the safest and most secure environment possible for your dog. If you would like to know more about our facility please contact us and we will be happy to help you with your question or concerns.