Class Spotlight: K9 Nosework

Tecla’s K-9 Academy launched its first K9 Nosework classes this past fall.  Here is what people are saying:

“Nosework is one of the best classes we have been to at Angel-K9.”

“Our rescue dog Bella came to K9 Nosework to help lower her social stress and build her food motivation.  After a few weeks of practice, she is enjoying the class with much less anxiety, and at home she has become very eager about eating all of her meals and snacks as she hunts for them. “Bella, Nosework!” has become her favorite thing to hear!”

“While we signed up for K9 Nosework just for the fun of it, the program is helping Mirabella to gain confidence in overcoming her fears of claiming food. Both our dogs enjoy the “hunt” and activity!”

“K-9 Nosework is so much fun for both my GSD Kyra and me!  She loves to have a “job” to do and it’s fun to watch her as her tail wags happily when she’s on the “search”.  Plus, it helps me as an owner in that it helps make her energy level much more manageable.  When we come home after Nosework, she’s ready to curl up on the sofa!”